To open a stock trading account, please bring the following documents to our office:
(1)Individual/Joint Account/
          Sole Proprietor/Partnership Account:
a) Copy of HK ID card /Passport and certified Business
     Registration Certificate (for Sole Proprietor and
     Partnership only)
b) Proof of address (any bank statement or utility bills,
     e.g. water, electricity or gas bills which is issued not
     more than 3 months from the time of account opening
(2) Corporate Account: a) Certified Extract of Board Resolution
b) Copy of HK ID card/Passport of all
     related members
c) Certified copy of the “Memorandum and Articles of
    Association of our Company”
    (up-dated as appropriate)
d) Certified copy of valid Business
     Registration Certificate
Trade orders can be placed in person or over the phone through our dealers’ representative.
Phone orders will be recorded as required by Securities and Futures Commission.
A filled and signed trade instruction form is required for orders placed in person.
Sufficient funds or stocks in the clients’ account are required for orders placed through internet trading.
Payments are to be made within two days (T+2) after trading and before 4:00 pm on the last settlement day.
All payments are to be deposited to our Hang Seng: HKD Bank A/C 267-043123-001
CNY Bank A/C 267-043123-239
Bank receipt with client’s name and account code written on it is to be sent to us via mail or fax.
Physical scrips are required to be delivered to our company on the following day of the trade.